Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sliding Doors

Here is what I learned last week at the shower door store: that I am a raving lunatic. The door lady practically laughed me out of the store when I told her what we were planning. And the miraculous thing is that after setting me straight on what was actually possible for our tiny bathroom, her solution cost LESS that what I had wanted to do. This NEVER happens.

The shower that we are building is only 2.5'x4.5'. My vision had always been to have a sleek piece of glass covering most of the shower going floor to ceiling with an opening that you would simply walk through. I have been determined to build it this way to make the bathroom look bigger and because I think it looks pretty damn sexy and cool. So, I explained my vision to the woman and she practically started laughing after I told her the dimensions. She said that even with a curb, that all of the water would end up in the middle of the bathroom. "All righty, then what if we add a nice glass door? How much more will that set me back?" Not exactly the look I was going for, but still very nice. She mockingly explained that those were still not going to be completely water tight due to the small size of my shower. "What, then?" I said, starting to get more than a little annoyed with her attitude.

She explained that the sliding glass doors were the only reasonable solution for our situation. I let out an audible gasp because we currently have sliders in our bathroom. They are made of wavy plastic and the top comes to my neck, so I have to duck about a foot to get into the shower inevitably banging my head every third time. As if I need another reason to promote tubbing! I got over the horror after she showed me the model above. They can make it taller (yes, please!) and can trim the width and it costs 1/3rd less than my sexy glass option. And it is pretty much completely water tight. Done and done.

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