Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not One, But Two Indoor Geysers

Why travel all the way to Yellowstone Park or Taupo to see a beautiful geyser when you can see one at our house? Thursday night was full of excitement. Josh had to continue rerouting some of the plumbing for the heating guys when we had our first geyser in the garage. This was tackled quickly by releasing the pressure on the hose outside.

We then moved upstairs where we decided to tap into the new plumbing currently under our bed. Blowtorch in hand, Lucy and I stood aside to supervise (as always) while he soldered and cut through more pipes. What we had forgotten, however, that the plumber had tested these lines that we wouldn't be using for while, so there was a little water in them and they were, in fact, pressurized. So, the water suddenly shot up in a huge stream towards the ceiling landing all over the floor and the bed. We both collapsed in hysterics and he instructed me to run downstairs and release another valve. The water came to a quick stop and he finished up the soldering while I mopped up the water and changed the sheets. The very strange linoleum flooring in the bedroom made the cleanup rather easy.

A few hours later, we had cold water again enabling us to flush the toilet. Excellent news! Today, Saturday, we now have hot water again and gas for the stove and dryer. It's funny, but after living without any water for a day preventing the toilet from working made it seem like no big deal when I knew we wouldn't have hot water or gas for a few days more.

In other news:
- We got our estimate from the nice tiler, but he wants what I consider to be a not so nice amount of moolah to do the tiling for a pretty simple 4.5x10 ft bathroom. I am now on a quest now to get additional estimates. Yes, I know, that's always a good idea.
- I made other important discoveries in the land of shower doors and tile which I will share later. I figure the geysers are enough for today.


  1. oh my goodness!
    Three cheers for hot water and gas!

  2. For anyone feeling stressed about their own reno, check out this molasses explosion