Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Floors and Drywall

I had the drywall guy out to give me an estimate this morning. I think it was pretty reasonable. He says it will take about a week to do the 500 sq foot studio. The hardwood floor guy came out to give me an estimate this morning too. He gave me what I think is a pretty reasonable price for a completely finished floor. He'll supply the wood, lay it down and stain it whatever color we want. And he'll do the perimeter border upstairs for the different rooms which I'm really excited about. It will take about 1.5 weeks to do the studio floors.

I want to go pretty light for the studio since the ceilings are low. The top pic floors are super light. I like how the plank width varies. The bottom pic is definitely darker, but I think it still might work for downstairs. That door is almost exactly like the door we have down there. Those windows, however, do not resemble our window. The flooring that I really want is from Reclaim Home. It's old barn wood that's been hand scraped. Gorgeous. No VOCs in the stain, etc. Super expensive though. Over $10 sq ft just for the wood. No installation. Should the planks go vertical or horizontal down the length of the studio? I don't know the answer to this question.

I really want to go darker with a wider plank upstairs. I love dark floors with high ceilings. We have amazing tall Victorian ceilings, so I think we can pull it off. Some day I want to do a parquet chevron in another house. I love those.

This appears to be a good time to hire people. They all seem to be available immediately which is kind of amazing and a little sad.

Photos from Elle Decor


  1. Hey there. I went to school with your cousin Todd Wemmer. Looks like you're having lots of fun! Hope you don't mind me chiming in on your blog, but i would run the floor boards vertical instead of horizontal. Also, there's a great resource in Marin for reclaimed wood, Black's Farmwood, www.blacksfarmwood.com that might be useful. I used them on the hillsborough job that can be seen on my website.
    cheers! - tommy

  2. Tommy, Thanks so much for the recommendation and for commenting! Black's looks like an amazing resource. The projects that you've worked on are incredible. The floors that you used for the Hillsborough house are exactly what I was envisioning for upstairs.