Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sage Advice on Toilets

The in-laws popped in yesterday and lent us some very important advice on toilets. This all started when our very practical Irish plumber said that we were not allowed to consider buying a toilet and sink at Home Depot. This was sad news to me because I had settled on this nice Kohler set that was going to cost less than $300 for both. He said that what the Depot carries is the bottom of the line Kohler and that if we didn't want to be replacing our toilet in the next year, we needed to consider investing in something nicer. This makes perfect sense, but so much for my bargain shopping.

I shared the plumber's thoughts with the in-laws and they could not agree more. They had a tenant in their house that seemed to call them almost weekly with tales of clogged toilets. The strange thing was that the in-laws never had any issues when they occupied that house with four growing children, but these tenants seemed to be having issues constantly. I still wonder about what kinds of things her youngsters (or her, why am I blaming the children?) were putting down the toilets to cause such problems. I also wonder about her inability to use a plunger. Regardless, the in-laws are a big fan of the super duper all-mighty strong power flush to minimize any problemos down the road. Their top recommendation is Toto which I think is also known for being quiet (obviously a great feature in a studio apartment). I like the Promenade featured above.

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  1. Honey, you're married to a professional toilet clogger... two flushes for him is the norm; get the most badass flushing toilet possible.

  2. I thought my Josh was married to a toilet clogger. I have quite the reputation but I must say that since we got our new Toto a few months ago, I am practically plunge free. It's a whole new world. (And, in the end, we're using less water since we don't try to flush a million times. Oh, and it's a low flow toilet so we got a rebate of $150 from East Bay MUD!)

  3. I am so happy to hear more positive reviews of the Toto and that it's actually worth the splurge! And, yes, I do live with a double-flusher and no one should have to do that. ;)