Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alien Spacecraft or Toilet?

Maybe you think it's weird that I keep writing about toilets, but I'm committed to sharing all the details of this reno. No one can try to tell me that a toilet and sink are not important things in one's day -- each and every day.

Over the years, I haven't exactly kept tabs on trends in toilets. Except for that pill box toilet that came out a few years ago, I haven't been interested enough to notice. I took a trip over to Excel Plumbing yesterday which has a huge selection of all bath and kitchen related fixtures and faucets. I was rather mesmerized by their fancy display model featured above from Toto. The way it's displayed with the bright lights and the toilet seat that goes up and down every couple of minutes, it really seemed like a little alien spaceship ready to take off. I couldn't imagine having one in my home. It's one of those new toilets that's the combo toilet/bidet. I know it's supposed to be hygienic, but it it grosses me out. And it has a control panel next to the toilet. That is too complicated for me. I feel like you'd have to follow your guests into the bathroom to show them how to use the toilet and that is not something that I can imagine doing any time soon.

The good news is that Excel has fantastic pricing on everything -- even cheaper than the cheapest online deals I could find. I'm still liking the Promenade. It's one of the cheapest that Toto makes and pretty snappy. It's no lunar lander, but I think it will do...


  1. yeah, a toilet should only be a place to do your business. Not a drive-in that cleans you up and serves espresso!

  2. I must say that the Promenade is an attractive bowl. My only caution would be that the ridges along the bottom provide a dust gathering surface that will require an extra cleaning swipe when one cleans the bathroom. May be worth it for the beauty though.

  3. Composting toilet! Composting toilet!!
    "Earth Closet":