Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little R&R

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven't had anything to write. We are still hoping to complete the low-voltage wiring this weekend and then get cracking with the insulation on Monday. I'm thinking now that we will be downstairs by May which was my first overly optimistic deadline for finishing the whole house. We all knew I was kidding, right?

I kidnapped Josh and took him to Arizona for the weekend for some rest, sunshine and eats. The weather was nothing short of perfect. Here's one of those perfect sunsets that you can't find anywhere else.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Passed!

We passed our general inspection last Tuesday! Hip hip hoorah! We thought we were completely ready to rock'n'roll with insulation and sheetrocking, but then we woke up the next morning and realized that we hadn't done the low voltage wiring yet or had the furnace inspected. Poop. And Joshie, poor guy, has been working so much that there just hasn't been time to take care of the low voltage stuff. Low voltage wiring is for things like internet and cable. may be another week and a half before we get to insulate. And then the city comes to inspect the insulation. Crazy stuff. That's my pretty uneventful report for now. Otherwise, we are ready to go!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Lifeline

Today is a tribute to the extension cords that make my life possible. So few plugs work upstairs right now that almost everything essential is connected to an extension cord that connects to our main hub in the old master bath which leads downstairs. The house is a sea of cris-crossing extension cords. Status report:

Office: no functioning plugs or lights, extension cord for computer leads across the house to hub
Bathroom: no functioning plugs or lights
Living Room: no functioning plugs or lights, extension cord for TV & stereo leads across the house to hub
Bedroom: no functioning plugs or lights
Kitchen: one plug works, the dishwasher and garbage disposal are attached to an extension cord on the back side of the wall. In order to use the one functioning plug, you have the move the device over that you want to use. So, if I need to make a pot of coffee or toast a bagel, I have to switch the appliances.

In order to do laundry, I have to unplug the TV and use that extension cord to feed the power for the washer/dryer.

Josh always thinks I'm nuts when he comes home to me cooking by flashlight or no light at all in the kitchen. But sometimes I just don't feel like doing the old extension cord switcheroo and I think I've become rather adept at cooking in the dark. The key is to do as much prep work (if not all) before it gets dark. The trouble is that I'm not usually hungry or motivated at 4pm to cook.

Getting dressed for a nice evening out has proven a bit challenging. When perusing one's wardrobe by flashlight, the options seem less exciting...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kitchen Backsplash

Here's the marble backsplash we ordered yesterday for the downstairs kitchen. The little squares are only 1"x1" and was $7.99/sq ft. We found a surprisingly nice and affordable selection at Modern Way Home Supplies on Bayshore. There is such an odd assortment of warehouses down there. Some are nothing but the cheapest crap and others are fantastic. A new door and molding place just went in that I need to check out next week.

**In other news, I went to the Day School talent show on Friday night. Can you say 6th graders performing Metallica?? It was brilliant. None of them were over 4 ft tall. The girl lead singer came out in a tutu with knee length pink hot pants. All the boys had elbow length blond hair and acted liked they'd been playing for far more than their 12 years.