Friday, January 2, 2009

A Jackhammer, A Bobcat & Neighborhood Lovin'

Like much of the Mission, our neighborhood is a sea of concrete. The sidewalks are almost 15 feet across which is great for walking arm-in-arm doing Rockette-style kicks, but not so great for breathing in fresh plant-related oxygen. One of our neighbors motivated to get a grant to fund a neighborhood planting and actually succeeded. Luckily, she and a few brave others took on the task of coordinating the efforts of almost 30 neighbors. I have remained pretty much completely uninvolved with the coordination efforts up until this point since we have so much on our plate with our own little reno.

Today, our superstar contractor neighbor, Pat, and Josh jack-hammered out the concrete areas in front of 5 of the houses on our block. That's Josh in the Bobcat above moving the concrete to the dumpster in front of our house. Josh loves Bobcats. It's one of his favorite toys. We had to rent one several times when we redid our backyard. We removed over 200 yards of dirt. I hope I have that measurement right. Whatever it was, it was a helluva lot of dirt and that little Bobcat barely fit up the side of our house. I digress. After they hammered out the concrete today, the rest of us moved the concrete into the mouth of the Bobcat and shoveled out the remaining rocks from our clayish soil. It took 5 hours to do 5 houses today and we're supposed to do 20 more over the next 2 days...not sure how that's gonna happen. Party on.

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