Friday, January 30, 2009

Cue the Violins

OK, boys and girls, today is a real doozy. Our electrician arrived promptly at noon to wait for the electrical inspection. I eagerly awaited the report from our electrician that all was well and that we could soon proceed with sheet rocking. Well, as you might have already guessed, we didn't pass. Our electrician explained to me that the inspector said that she couldn't sign off because of all the work that we would soon be doing upstairs. Basically, if she signed off, we would seal it all up with sheet rock and when she came out to inspect the wiring upstairs, she wouldn't have any access to see what he'd done from down below.

SO, what this means is that we basically need to proceed with demolition and framing upstairs. The trouble, my sweets, is that we still live upstairs. Our magical plan had involved us fixing the downstairs, moving down there and then doing the upstairs. That was apparently wishful thinking. I guess there's been a lot of that going around.

We will see, but my new plan is for us to move to the very back of the house, seal it off as much as possible and then demolish everything except for that room and the bathroom upstairs. The room, unfortunately, is the coldest room in the house. It is full of single-paned windows that create a lovely wind tunnel effect. It is also home to the litter box and our washer and dryer. I am pretty sure that our bed will touch both walls.

** I just heard from Josh and explained the situation to him. He says that this is crazy and that it's easier for the electrician to run the wiring through the bottom, but with a little extra effort, he can run things up and over the ceiling instead (thereby preventing us from having to demo anything up here). He's going to talk to him. Sigh. I hate not knowing these things. I hate that a contractor could force us to live in the kitty litter room and demolish the whole upstairs because he doesn't want to take the time to go up and over. I will endure most anything to get this done. I want to expedite this situation as much as possible, but don't make me do something that dramatic if I don't have to, ok?



  2. My landlord is finally paying for a repair to our house... a new roof! It only took 4 buckets and 5 years to convince him. (Too bad I wasn't able to convince him to pay for a plumber to clean up the poo-poo river that was running through our backyard when the sewer pipe burst.) The repair is only taking 2 days (which makes me think it's not much of a new roof), this being day 1. It's damn noisy with 8 men tromping overhead, gravel and lichen-covered tar paper is falling through the beams of the ceiling (yeah, it was a necessary repair) and when I stepped outside to get the mail they dumped a bucket of tarry gravel on my head. I feel like Pigpen, and I only have one more day to go! I don't know how you do it.