Friday, March 25, 2011

Ebony Floors

So, here we are on my due date deciding what color to stain the floors. According to her grandmas, that little Miss Cupcake is waiting for her room to be finished. If that is the case, then little miss is going to be waiting quite a while.

Since we started this project, I have been obsessed with doing dark ebony floors. I think that they can be absolutely gorgeous -- when done correctly. I love the rich, depth of color and the the contrast with light walls and cabinets. We've been struggling to find the right stain, however. The color needs to be deep for it to be convincing. Otherwise, I think it looks kind of cheap and tawdry. And that's not exactly the look we're going for, now is it?

I think that the top picture is about where we're going to end up. It still has a lot of nice rich browns in it, but it's not black like the bottom picture. And it's also not too red or orange. We've been doing lots of sample patches upstairs underneath where the cabinetry is. I think we're pretty settled on Minwax Ebony. Tomorrow though I'm gonna go check out the Mohawk stain with die in it. How's that for excitement?