Sunday, December 28, 2008

Squeaky Green

I stole this copy of Squeaky Green: the method guide to detoxing your home by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry from my dad at our gift exchange this year. Aside from making me feel like I'm a walking toxic waste dump despite my best efforts all these years, I think it's a really interesting book. I quickly ran out to load up on all the right green supplies for our house (which I'm sure was their intention), but was disappointed that Safeway doesn't carry all the green alternatives to the things that the Method boys complain about in the book. I was feeling toxic and paranoid enough that I would have bought every last item I could in a desperate attempt to save our souls from eternal toxicity. Safeway is missing out on a major revenue stream there when every reader makes a mad dash to the the store like I did. I actually think it's worth the $16.95 and you can get it from my favorite publisher on the planet, Chronicle Books.

P.S. Day 8 without any gas. Still can't boil water, fry an egg or do laundry. This is proving more challenging for me than no furnace for 13 months. It's obviously time to track down the camping stove.


  1. My good pal pointed me towards the Method site because you can actually buy directly from them. I think their site design is confusing, but I did manage to complete a transaction and my goodies arrived today! I am so squeaky green already I can feel it. Fantastic.

  2. I just had a HORRIBLE time with the Method site a few weeks ago. Glad to hear it wasn't me. I love their stuff but . . .