Monday, December 22, 2008

Sub Zero Hootanany

I've been on a Craigslist quest for the last year for a Sub Zero 611 for the upstairs. Clearly, it's way too pricey to buy new, but there are definitely some deals to be had on Craig's if you are patient enough. I love this particular fridge because it's tall (84"), narrow (30") and only 24" deep. I hate the way most fridges stick out way past the counter and things always seem to get lost in the back. It is so odd to me that a 24" depth is so unusual and of course it's only the pricier brands that make them.

I was almost ready to give up, but then I found a guy that was selling TWO 611s for much less than the cost of buying 1 Sub Zero new, so I dragged my honey over to Concord and we snatched them up. The ice maker doesn't work on one which I could care less about and they only have really minor scratches. They are both stainless and we can't replace the fronts with cabinetry, but everyone still seems obsessed with stainless so they should make for 2 pretty sexy kitchens. I can't wait to start using one downstairs. Our current fridge has about 5 different climate zones. It randomly freezes or doesn't seem to refrigerate certain parts of the fridge at all. The 611 is the over-under refrigerator/freezer which makes so much more sense to me too. I have to bend way down to get anything out of our current fridge which is just silly. Thank God for fancy people that like to remodel their kitchens every 5 years and get rid of perfectly good high-end appliances!

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