Monday, December 22, 2008

Water Shooting 5 Stories High

I don't know what's up with the neighborhood this week. I stepped out my front door moments ago to go get some groceries for dinner. I was in the midst of thinking up something creative to make since the gas is off right now (this means no stove). I stepped out onto our front stoop and saw two giant fast-moving rivers flowing down either side of the street. Each is about 4 ft across and moving really quickly. I peer down to the end of the block and there is a huge stream of water shooting way up into the sky. The stream is taller than any building on the block. I think it must be at least 5 stories high. All I can think about now is how many days we are going to be without water. There are a bunch of guys from the water department milling around looking rather befuddled. I think the only way to fix it is to turn off the water completely. If only it were Summer and the middle of the day, we could all bring our bbqs out front and make hot dogs and drink beer. Sadly, that is not the case, but this will make for excellent gossip with the neighbors for the next few days. I had better go figure out dinner now before the water gets turned off...

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