Friday, December 26, 2008

A Light Bulb Moment

As I know I've mentioned many times before, we live with very minimal light. I've adjusted to taking my little green lantern with me into the bathroom with me in the evenings. Before going out to dinner, I will hold up the lantern in one hand and attempt to put on makeup with the other. When I arrive at a restaurant or a friend's house, I usually attempt to discreetly make my way to the bathroom to make sure that I don't have any odd makeup streaks across my face before socializing. Everyone undoubtedly thinks that I have major bladder control issues as a result.

The other day, our friend Jonathan said, "But that bathroom light worked when I lived there." He was referring to the period of time when he and his girlfriend lived with us this Summer when they moved out from Boston. Josh and I poo poo'd this thought immediately. This could simply not be true given what we and anyone who came over to our house in the evenings for the past 6 months had been enduring. We disregarded it, but he brought it up again. And wouldn't you know, Josh screwed in a fresh light bulb and it worked. I don't know how many months we peed in the pitch dark because we simply had not changed the light bulb.

We're trying to migrate the few bulbs that we have to the compact florescent type like the one featured above from Home Depot although given how little power we are currently using, I don't know how focused we need to be on being green in this department.

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