Tuesday, December 16, 2008

35 Degrees, No Heat and No Power

I have been able to endure most things with this remodel: very little electricity, no central heat, no real bathtub (this is the most challenging for me!), and a house that often feels like a wind tunnel. I can even deal with this in the 30's which it's been dipping down to lately. I know that for most parts of the country that that's no big deal, but for us N. Californians, that's below zero. What pushes me over the edge completely though is when we lose all our power. I came home tonight for the second night in a row to absolutely no power. It was out in the whole Mission (our neighborhood). Luckily, my magical UPS driver, Jose, had delivered my toasty new boots earlier under the stairs. That was my only saving grace. I ran upstairs with the box and by the light of my little green lantern, I opened the box and slipped into my new boots. I think they deserve a whole entry to themselves later. I love them.

The great news, however, is that after living without a furnace for 13 months now, we have a furnace guy scheduled to start installation on Monday and an electrician starting on Tuesday! Josh ripped out our gravity furnace last November because it was in the way. Most of the year we wouldn't use it anyways, but now that we've officially entered our second Winter without heat, it's been getting a little more challenging. I really can't believe that these big things are finally happening!!

This picture is of our little angels, Muffin and Lucy, during last year's Winter without heat. They were curled up as close as they could get to each other for warmth and as close to the space heater as they could muster.

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