Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take Stock of Things You'd Like to Fix

I thought this was funny. I am 24 weeks pregnant now, so I just checked BabyCenter for the 24th week and this is what they have listed as this week's activity:

"Tackle your home improvement projects. Sit down with your partner and take stock of the things you'd like to fix around the house before your little one arrives. Then let your partner handle them. (You shouldn't be exposing yourself to chemicals or getting up on ladders.) Some things for the list:

• Install or check smoke detectors, get a fire extinguisher for each floor of your house, and plan a fire escape route.
• Fix or remove any broken furniture or fixtures.
• Paint the nursery, hang curtain rods, assemble new furniture."

I suppose they didn't really mean vacate the premises, demolish all walls, install new electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, kitchen and flooring when they said "take stock of the things you'd like to fix around the house".

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