Sunday, April 5, 2009

Craigslist Bonanza - Stokke Mini Bassinet

For the .001% of you who don't know me, I am 5 months pregnant. Doesn't that make this whole thing that much more fun and exciting? Now that I'm at the halfway mark, I'm finally allowing myself to start thinking about baby gear and supplies. Since it is becoming more and more clear that we may be living downstairs in the studio when the bambina arrives, I have been strategizing with the ever-fabulous Rachel Siegel from Spruce on how to live in a 500 square foot studio with a newborn and a 75 pound dog without losing our minds.

There clearly won't be enough room for a real crib, so I became obsessed with the Stokke bassinet. It is tiny and cute and wheels beautifully from room to room which will be essential while living down there. We snapped up one of these bassinets that normally retails for a hefty amount for just pennies on Craigslist. I am determined to stalk Craigslist to acquire the things we need. I am beyond thrilled that we can accomplish style and function and affordability all at once. Wooooo!


  1. perfect solution! Between your arms and that bassinet, that's gonna be one bambina felice!!