Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Operation Cupcake

The boys had a busy Saturday fixing the car and moving our washer/dryer over to our friends' house. The new plan upstairs only allows for a stackable, so we sadly had to part with this set that we bought a few years ago. T managed to puddy and tape the bathroom and kitchen on Saturday. He puddied and taped one more wall on Monday. He did the ceiling today. I really need him to be done with the sanding by this weekend. It will have been a month since he started sheetrocking downstairs on Friday.

I'm not worrying about it because I now have Operation Cupcake in full effect. We are now scheduled to demolish the upstairs the weekend of May 8th. I decided that we can't wait to finish the downstairs in order to tackle the upstairs. So, we will be sofa-hopping until then and staying close by so that we can regularly be here and check on everything. I have a tight itinerary from now until the beginning of August and my teams in place. I really am determined to finish the whole house by then and I really think it's possible. No more snail's pace for this operation!

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