Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bathroom Tile

Here's the tile for the downstairs bathroom. I love the little hexagonal tile -- always have. We're using the small version on the main floor and then a larger hex on the floor of the shower. The square tiles are Italian and delicious. I found the beige about a year ago in the bargain area at Import Tile. I fell in love with them and consequently, they have been sitting downstairs ever since. We needed just a smidge more, so we ordered the wine country aqua on the right. They all have that crackle glaze to them. The aqua is much more crackly than the beige. It will just go in the two niches and around the front edge and curb. The 1/4" rounds come in these small little boxes sweetly sealed with a colorful sticker and something in Italian. It makes me love them even more! Oh, how I love tile.

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