Monday, February 9, 2009

Rock the House

This weekend Josh and Tommy started to sheet rock in the cans. Apparently, this is required for fireproofing in two-unit buildings(something that Josh asked our electrician about when he started and he assured us that we didn't need). It's a challenging project because you have to measure out these tiny pieces of sheet rock and wood blocks to hold them in place and then putty and tape them in perfectly.

We're going to have to rip out more of one of the walls and flooring upstairs than we had hoped in order to install the upstairs sub panel. The wall that we need to rip out is plaster covered in sheet rock, so it will make quite a mess. Nothing compared to the mess of the demolition to come, however!

Our two furnaces are finally finished. I still think that everything about it looks like an alien spaceship. The intake for it is just a gaping whole in one of our rooms. That will be finished off after we finish the upstairs. In the meantime, I have glorious heat all day long! The way that those furnace guys would schedule everything made me a little nutty. They would never work for more than one day in a row. And then they wouldn't come back for about 10 days. This happened about 4 different times. In the end, they did a decent job, albeit not the most expedient one.

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