Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Passed!

Miracle of miracles, we passed yesterday's electrical inspection. Now we schedule the general inspection for early next week and barring any issues, we move forward with the sheetrocking. Hoorah! Technical difficulties abound this week and are preventing me from uploading my new artsy pics. I bet you can't wait.

Our amazing plumber worked yesterday afternoon to finish up the gas line downstairs. I wish all contractors were like him. I told him just that. He stayed until 8:30pm to finish the gas lines.

Our electrician started talking about how it would make it a lot easier for him if we were to move out for a week when he wires the upstairs. This makes no sense because we'll be living downstairs completely separate from the upstairs wiring. I got the name of another electrician from our amazing plumber.

I'm off to retrieve the rest of the tile today from Import Tile. Oh, golly, I cannot wait to for the tiling to begin!

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  1. congratulations! that's big news. i'm sad to say that your electrician has got to go. sorry to make you drive all the way across the bridge again . . .