Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kitchen Backsplash

Here's the marble backsplash we ordered yesterday for the downstairs kitchen. The little squares are only 1"x1" and was $7.99/sq ft. We found a surprisingly nice and affordable selection at Modern Way Home Supplies on Bayshore. There is such an odd assortment of warehouses down there. Some are nothing but the cheapest crap and others are fantastic. A new door and molding place just went in that I need to check out next week.

**In other news, I went to the Day School talent show on Friday night. Can you say 6th graders performing Metallica?? It was brilliant. None of them were over 4 ft tall. The girl lead singer came out in a tutu with knee length pink hot pants. All the boys had elbow length blond hair and acted liked they'd been playing for far more than their 12 years.


  1. how did you get an invite to the talent show? those aren't easy tickets to come by.

  2. I am laughing so hard here while trying to flex my pointer finger and ring finger in the air