Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pedestal Tub Moves Upstairs

The boys unpacked the tub from its' monster crate this afternoon. Very well crated, we all agreed. Luis was kind enough to enlist the help of three of his brawny friends to come over and help move the tub upstairs. They carried it around the house to its' first resting spot which is featured below. Then, we borrowed a dollie from our neighbors to turn it on its' side to get it thru the doorways.
I stayed downstairs while all of this was happening. It all made me too nervous and I didn't want to make the boys crazy. So, I gave them my ridiculous advice for 5 minutes before they moved it and begged them to be delicate with my soon-to-be best friend.
Here she is in the master bath! She won't live so close to the wall, but this is where she'll be for the time-timing. Not a scratch on her or the floors. Beautiful. Isn't she gorgeous?!

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  1. I love it lisa! you guys are hauling do you feel my dahling?