Thursday, August 13, 2009

Huis Clos

I found this crazy amazing deal on a solid mahogany door. It's even in stock. Shocking. I tried to find an old door from salvage yards that we could refurbish, but couldn't find anything nice enough that seemed worth the effort.

Cupcake is showing only minor signs of heading towards the exit. She is apparently very content in there. Who can blame her? I say she's already showing signs of great intelligence in her recognition of how good she's got it in there. It looks like we will easily pass my due date this Sunday. For us, it just means more time to get things done. This is excellent, however, my desire and ability to run around during the day are becoming a little more challenged. Alas, the Cupcake shall work on her own frosting and sprinkles while we work on our own finishing touches for the house.

Status Report:
- Floor tiling completely done
- Hardwood floors installed, 1/2 of sanding finished
- Staining of floors will happen early next week if we can decide on the color
- Kitchen cabinets will be ready to go in next week
- Marble slabs have been selected. I finally found the right kind of Carrera at the right price in the middle of no where in a Chinese warehouse in Hayward.
- After that, we just need to hang the doors and do all the trim work (which is no small task for this Victorian lady)

Obnoxious Commentary - Don't apply the literary implications of Huis Clos to Miss Cupcake. I'm going for a more literal angle. Because I think she would perceive her current situation as rather Heavenly given her reluctance to leave rather than Hell-like. At least, I hope so. ;)

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