Friday, August 14, 2009

Broken Glass

We got our new shower door installed this morning in the master bath. Yeah! It looked (yes, notice the past tense) so nice. Just a clean piece of glass with two hinges and a handle. Well, about 1/2 hour ago, Lucy and I were awoken from our afternoon cuddle/nap by a sound that I can only describe as a big bucket of ice being dumped on the floor.

We went upstairs to investigate and discovered that the beautiful new shower door had completely shattered. The top third of the door was missing and the remainder of the door was fractured into a million pieces. My online research suggests that there was a manufacturing defect in the piece of glass or something happened when he installed it that later led to its implosion. I have left the shower door people a message and I hope that they will tend to this without any problems. I remain optimistic. It's actually kind of cool how it shattered. The safety glass prevents it from breaking off in large scary chunks. Kind of like a car window, I suppose. Anyways, good thing we're not actually using that bathroom yet.


  1. Yikes! That sounds very scary. Glad Annie is there to watch over you.

  2. That happened to our shower door while my daughter was showering. It just spontaneously shattered into tiny pieces. She was covered with glass dust.