Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Mama?

I swung by our local coffee shop and home-away-from-home today, Progressive Grounds. It was about 75 degrees and this pregnant lady wanted a milkshake. Luckily, they have the world's most delicious ice cream, Mitchell's.

The very nice guy who works weekends greeted me with a big smile. Everyone smiles and/or chuckles at me now as I walk/waddle by now as I am only one day away from my due date. As he was scooping out the thin mint chip, he said, "Is that your friend's baby?"

"What?" I replied, not understanding what he was asking.

"Is that your friend's baby?" He asked again.

There was no baby in a stroller nearby or babe in my arms for him to be asking about, so I presumed that he was asking about the baby in my belly.

"No...this is my baby."

"But didn't you just have one?"

"No. This is the same one."

"It's not your friend's baby? You don't already have a baby?"

"No, it's not my friend's baby. It's my baby."

"Oh" he said looking rather confused. "I have four."

So, I left with my milkshake completely unsure of what the man had been really asking me. I concluded that he had somehow determined that I was a surrogate who was busy getting pregnant all the time for her friends. Any other suggestions?


  1. Totally bizarre. I can't think of anything else he might have meant but that is so random . . . I'm thinking about you and awaiting cupcake news.

  2. That's the funniest damned thing I've heard in a long time! So 2009, right?