Monday, June 15, 2009


There are no pickups at the house today. I don't like that. I've concocted a new plan of attack that will have everything finished by August 14th. That gives us the 15th to move the bed and crib upstairs. And cupcake will arrive on the 16th. Let's hope she gives us an extra week. That would be nice. 

Current update:

Studio - 
- The kitchen counters and backsplash are going in tomorrow.
- The finishing for the electrical work downstairs is done. That means the trim on the cans, the light switches, light fixtures, under counter lights etc. Much nicer. 
- Toilet has been installed. Hoorah! Shower head and trim installed.
- The plumber will come later in the week to finish the kitchen area and we will install all the appliances.
- The closet doors and bathroom door have been installed.
- The only thing we're really holding our breath on is getting this stupid beam signed off by the city. As soon as that's finished, we can seal up the bedroom and then finish the trim work back there and then paint all the trim.

Either way, we are moving back into the studio this weekend. 

- The framing is done enough to get it inspected. 
- Half of the new windows are in. Gorgeous. 
- The rough plumbing upstairs is done.
- In order to get the framing inspection done we need to get a roofer out to finish some stuff up above that f'd up area in the kitchen. We can no longer see into our grumpy neighbor's house. Thank God. 

If all goes as planned, electrical will start next week. Please let it start next week. Getting sheetrocking/taping estimates right now. I am ready to rock. 

Today, I am driving out to Hayward to meet with our magical appliance guy today. He has a 3.5 year old Wolf for me with minor damage at an amazing price. Fingers are crossed that she's operational. I am optimistic. 

Now that the framing is completely done, I can order the cabinets for the upstairs kitchen and the tile for the two bathrooms since that will take about 4-6 weeks. Plan to wrap that up in the next day or two. Vavoooooom!


  1. Yowza!!!!!!
    Note to Cupcake: Please don't be in such a rush to come into this world. Mom and dad are rushing like mad to get your "crib" in move-in condition BEFORE ya'll come home from the hospital, aight?
    Peace out!

  2. Wow. THAT's the kind of update I was looking for. Seriously? Moving THIS weekend? So, so impressive.

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  4. ok try again....wooooohooooo xox