Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Hungarian and His Latte

The Hungarian electrician is back. He cut his price by 30% for the upstairs which actually brought it back to the original price he quoted us ages ago, so we couldn't say, "no". That and the fact that he started the wiring yesterday and will likely be done by tomorrow, Sunday, sealed the deal. Three days. Love it. Love it.

The Hungarian loves his morning coffee. He always makes a big production out of it. As you may recall, I stopped making him coffee in the morning while he was doing the downstairs wiring a few months ago when I got frustrated with him. Boy, did I show him. So, last week when he and his Mexican helper were here, I offered to get them coffee. Yes, I was feeling generous that morning. It may sound silly, but a cup of coffee ain't cheap anymore! And when you're already paying someone like an electrician or a plumber a pretty hefty wage, it pains me to spend $2 buying them a cup of coffee. Illogical and stupid, but I can't help it. I've also started an informal tally of people's eagerness for me to buy them a cup of coffee in the morning. In general, I have found that the harder someone works overall, the less they demand that cup of coffee in the morning. The less speedy folk seem more desperate for me to get them a cup. Now, the Hungarian is actually a fast diligent worker who is also eager for his coffee, so he is throwing off my statistical analysis. He is extremely chatty when he's not working though. I clearly need to define the scope for more data analysis for better results. 

So, back to my fascinating tale: the Hungarian asks me to get him a large latte and a croissant. I chuckle a little bit and agree. I look to his helper, Adam, and ask what he would like. The Hungarian responds for him and says that he would also like a latte and a croissant. I'm sorry, but no one else who has ever worked for us over the years has ever requested a latte let alone a croissant. And I have an impossible time believing that Adam really wanted a latte and a croissant. I dutifully went on my way to fetch them their lattes and croissants. 

Since we signed on for the upstairs electrical, the Hungarian has started buying us coffee in the morning and even bought us pizza for lunch today. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Look how easy I am to please! 

On an amusing sidenote, Josh has taken to mimicking the Hungarian around the house as he works up there with them. He screams, "Adaaaaam!" periodically as he wanders around the house. Adam loves it and the Hungarian doesn't know quite how to respond. 

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