Friday, June 26, 2009

My Monkey

We have finally moved into the studio! It's hard to believe it, but it's true. Moving out for six weeks was the best thing we ever did. The studio still has some finishing work to be done, but all in all is looking great. At least I think so. It's already so much easier not having to run over here at 7:30 to greet contractors. Just being able to retire downstairs to rest is another bonus. The bathroom is the biggest bonus, however. We are still living out of boxes, but I don't care. We have our own little kitchen and our bed and our puppy back. Who needs a shower door when you have a puppy to cuddle with?

General Updates: We passed our framing inspection upstairs last week! This was our last big hurdle, so now it is really full speed ahead.

Plumbing: We got the final inspection on the plumbing downstairs and the rough inspection upstairs on Friday. 

Electrical: The electrical started today upstairs and amazingly enough will hopefully be done by Sunday. As the boys finish the electrical this weekend, Josh will do the low voltage wiring throughout. 

Next we're on to the insulation and in my dreams we will be able to start the sheetrock by the end of this coming week. That will take two weeks though. I fully appreciate now how difficult sheetrocking is and how important a good taper is. Funny things I never knew before -- that there are rockers and then there are tapers. Very different skills. 

The picture is of Josh marking a circle on the ceiling where he needed the carpenter to cut a hole for the range vent. 

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