Monday, November 16, 2009

Poly Poly

Here are the floors with one more coat of polyurethane on them. I'm glad we waited so that they could buff out any scratches. It's pretty incredible, however, that when we pulled up the paper that covered the floors that there wasn't any serious damage. It's so hard protecting the work that you've done while trying to do more!

We did one more coat on Saturday to finish it off. Here is our first piece of real furniture in the house in Cupcake's room!

This is the crib that I insisted on buying about 6 months ago when this nice baby store in Marin was going out of business. It weighed about two tons and sat in the backyard in its cardboard box all these many months through many a rain storm. Amazingly enough, it and the range are in great condition. Hoorah!

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