Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Final Dump Run

Here are J & L last weekend after one of their final dump runs. The number of times that we've been to the dump is rather impressive. Luckily, this is a task that I did not have to participate in anymore once I got pregnant. Can't say that I missed it very much, but it is kind of a cool place. They even featured the SF dump on an episode of Dirty Jobs once. If you've never been, you should go some time to see where all of your garbage disappears to every week. The best time to go is right after Christmas when you can see the giant --and I mean GIANT-- mound of discarded Christmas trees. I digress. L has been with us a long time working on the house. All the way back to when we were endlessly digging in the studio to get rid of more and more dirt. He's helped us every step of the way and has never complained about any of the crazy things that we've asked him to do -- probably because J was right there working with him most of the time. But we are incredibly grateful to him for all of his help.

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