Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Fearless Magician

The fearless magician has struck again. I had picked out a 3 hole faucet for the kitchen sink which is gorgeous and kinda perfect for our house. But then we also need an air gap and a sprayer. The trouble is that none of the porcelain cast iron sinks out there seem to be the right size that also have 5 faucet holes. It's plain stupid silly they don't make it standard to have more holes for an undermount sink, but they don't. I really wanted to do a porcelain sink because I think it's so much nicer with the carrera marble. Little did I know that that would cause some extra challenges. Mr. J said, "Have no fear. I can drill two holes thru the cast iron porcelain sink." And he did! The magician used two different bits on his drill press that he rotated in two times each thru the different layers. Here are some shots of the miracle man at work!

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