Friday, October 16, 2009

A Million Shades of Beige

We started painting two weeks ago! I really never thought that this day would come. I can almost taste the finish line now. We did about 15 different shades of beige upstairs and finally made some choices. The same color looks different in every room and different every hour of the day. The process drove us a little nutty. We went with the Benjamin Moore Aura low VOC on everything except for the primer on the trim where we did do the toxic blend. It took the painters two weeks just to do all the trim. There was an enormous amount of prep work and they are perfectionists. I love them. They show up when they say they'll show and are very nice. We even have pleasant conversations about the weather. A far cry from Dour Donald!

The painting will be done by the end of next week and then we're on to the countertop installations, tiling in the kitchen and the finished plumbing and electrical. Hoorah!

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  1. yay your back! beautiful floors...cupcake!yummy B)