Thursday, October 22, 2009


While our canine companion has done a fantastic job as supervisor/social coordinator of the overall remodel, it's our feline residents who were kind enough to offer to stay in residence upstairs to manage all of the demolition and construction. They are amazing little troopers. Completely displaced into the backyard most of the time, they have managed to survive it all. Not only do they spend their days sunning themselves in the dirt under the rose bushes out back, but we quickly filled up the entire backyard with various items from the remodel leaving them even less room to roam. For example, our range and Cupcake's crib have been living in the backyard for 5 or so months now along with a delightful assortment of tools and random reno crap. They have a lot to say every morning when we venture upstairs to feed them. In fact, they have a lot to say every time I enter the upstairs. Their tone is never particularly pleasant which I more than understand. I am quite confident that the two of them talk to anyone willing to listen who may be working upstairs in their house. At least my girls may have learned a little Spanish over the last 6 months. They are clearly counting the minutes more than anyone until we have their chairs at the front windows again ready for hours of snoozing. These photos capture them at the front door in a classic morning greeting. Here I think they look like little prisoners contemplating their tragic existence. Hang in there, girls! We're almost there.

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  1. I'm hoping that Cupcake is not sleeping in her crib in the backyard.