Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dour Donald

I am very frustrated with our dour painter, Donald. The only photograph that seems appropriate to post is the toilet that we might get for the upstairs bathrooms. He was supposed to start Tuesday morning. He finally started doing some prep work Wednesday. Today, after multiple calls from me inquiring as to his whereabouts, all he could do was claim that he was still waiting for the primer. I also think that he was asleep when I called. He finally showed up at 3pm with 15 1 gallon containers of primer. This pregnant lady has no time for dilly dallying no-shows. He is also a walking tragedy. Everything I ask him about seems like the most extraordinary request on Earth. As you know, we are on a tight schedule, people! Boy was he lucky 'cause just as I was about to call him and threaten to hire someone else around 2:59, he showed up at the door. He claims that he will prime the family room and kitchen this afternoon and the rest of the house tomorrow. He arrived wearing sandals and a nice blue sweater -- not exactly painting attire. I most certainly will not be purchasing dour Donald any coffee in the morning or the day after that. Take that!

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