Monday, October 19, 2009

The Magical Painting Continues!


  1. Oh my gosh that trim in the living room is looking fantastic! Is aura the color we picked together? I feel like we were thinking something else when I was last there. I bet the light changed and so did the color again. . . . . oh, what about the cupcake in the hat and bouncy seat? too, too adorable!

  2. Aura is actually the type of paint that Benjamin Moore makes that is low VOC. The living, dining and hallway are OC19. We ended up changing the others too. The bedrooms and back room are OC17, master bath is 1667 and I don't remember the number for the second bath.

  3. FINAL PAINT COLORS - All Benjamin Moore Aura 0C-19 Flat : Living, Dining & Hallway
    0C-17 Flat : Front bedroom, Master bedroom, family room, office
    OC-20 Flat: kitchen
    OC-118 Satin: All trim
    OC-118 Flat: All ceilings (except baths are eggshell)
    2130-70 Eggshell: small bath
    1667 Eggshell: master bath