Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So, we are about a week behind schedule, but that's ok. It's looking like we'll be down here in the studio with the cupcake for about a month before we can move back upstairs. Not bad at all, eh?

- rough electrical and plumbing are done
- sheetrocking and taping/mudding are done
- the tilers started today on both upstairs bathrooms
- 2 coats of primer throughout the house starts tomorrow

We had one of those late night last minute fix-it situations last evening. We decided last week that we wanted to add extra plywood and padding to the floor upstairs to improve the sound-proofing in addition to putting in new hardwood flooring. This, in turn, messed up a lot of what the plumber had done with the toilet flanges. I have no idea how to spell flange. So, Josh made a late night run to HD Pro for more pipe and an extendo-flange thing. He and Jonathan re-jiggered the 500 pound cast iron tub so that it was a touch lower. Josh extendoed the curb to the shower this morning and finished it about 60 seconds before the tilers arrived this morning. Pretty amazing and such a relief that we didn't have to sheepishly tell the tilers that we weren't ready for them....

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