Friday, July 31, 2009


Josh and I are both very excited about having a baby girl. She's just 16 days away! The thing that scares us both to death, however, is the prospect of dealing with the pre-teen into teen years. We have both been coming to terms with this though as everyone has reminded us of all the wonderful things about having a girl.

Yesterday, I had an encounter my incredible grouch of a neighbor. We've both been saying "hello" to her almost every morning for the last 2 years and she will never even smile or nod her head in return. She almost grimaces. Anyways, yesterday she seemed to suddenly realize that I was pregnant. At almost 38 weeks, it would be rather ridiculous not to be confident in this assumption. She smiled at me and asked me about my pregnancy and whether or not it was a boy or a girl. When I told her it was a girl, she told me that she had a daughter. Yes, I realize that. She lives next door with you and I see her every morning when you two walk by. She immediately launched into how I should start worrying now about junior high and how she was considering sending her daughter to live in Nicaragua with her husband because it would be so much better on all levels -- but particularly for a pre-teen/teenage girl. So much for putting our fears to rest.


  1. No way!
    There must be a wayward home for girls in Stockton or Lodi, right? Nicaragua??

  2. And you are taking advice from this person because............?