Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know I promised more demo shots, but this is what I got for ya for now. It's the view from the front door looking in. Pretty crazy, huh? The amazing framing team is making incredible progress. Luckily, they still can't get back to their other job site, so we've been lucky enough to have them for the last three days. They moved through the original portion of the house pretty quickly. Where we've run into more difficulty is in the horrendous add-ons that were done of the years. The lack of an exterior wall in the kitchen is one, the sloping floor being another and then in the bedroom we discovered that when they added on a portion, they neglected to make the floor level with the rest of the room. It's about an inch lower, so they're dealing with that. They're also adding in a lot more supportive beams. These framing guys are incredible. Pat has some for foresight about everything. He knows to build a door opening two inches over to make sure that you can get a full casing on either side when you go to do the molding later. Every little possible detail he can think of, he does.

Cesar is almost done prepping the downstairs to paint. I'm hoping he can prime the whole studio tomorrow. The tile guys finished laying all the tile yesterday and will be back tomorrow to grout. 

We just have to deal with the city now in getting a few final sign-offs for some structural things downstairs. Some things that a contractor who was working for us briefly 1.5 years ago now managed to f up. We'll get it all sorted out, I'm sure. Just another hurdle for now. 

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