Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doors in The Mission

Our current door

Other doors in the neighborhood

Here's the door we've finally chosen.

Of course, it's not a stock door. Even if it was, I'm sure that they wouldn't have it in the obscure size that our current front door opening has become. We've ordered it from this custom door place in Bernal Heights. It's the kind of place that has Pau kind of hours where the main guy that you have to talk to in order to order a door is only there during certain hours, but when you show up during those hours, he is never ever there. After four tries, J managed to connect with him and order the door. Three weeks was what he promised, so that probably means...6? We shall see!


  1. excellent choice. are these the pictures we took that day we took pictures or did you go out again?

  2. WOW! The doors are so amazing! I'm from Germany and I've never seen doors like those.

  3. I love a good brightly colored door. It gives you sort of a hint as to what kind of people live in that house.